Roach Extermination in Central VA

One of the more common pests to invade homes and businesses is the very popular cockroach.  When they enter, their favorite place to frequent is the kitchen or bathroom.  As a matter of fact they most often can be seen within 5 feet of a food or water source.  And you can almost be certain that if there is a food or water source outside of your home, roaches will be there. 

The reproductive capabilities of roaches is awesome.  If a problem isn't dealt with properly, these little pests can return a short time after your last treatment.  And the way to deal with roaches can vary depending on the customer.  At Chesterfield Pest Services we devise a customized approach using chemicals and other means to rid you of them.  We will always take into account other factors to deal with roaches like allergies, close proximity to a water source and any other environmental concerns that could arise.  The bottom line is your satisfaction is our number one concern.    

Roaches tend to cluster together and use chemical substances known as pheromones to identify resource areas.  And if an infestation is removed and new roaches emerge later, they tend to inhabit the same area as the previous roaches.  So what are some signs to look for other than the obvious sighting of a roach to let you know you may have a problem. 

  1. Droppings.  Roaches often produce feces that resemble black pepper or coffee grounds
  2. Unpleasant odors
  3. Eggs.  They're oval shaped and often seen behind furniture and other hidden locations

If you're having any problems with roaches call us today and let us conduct a free assessment to deal with your problem. 

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