Centipedes are an insect you're probably not going to come across too much in Central VA.  However, they do exist and when you do come across one, there's really no need to be alarmed.  First of all, centipedes, like a good non venomous snake, can be a good creature to have around.  They feed on pests like spiders, cockroaches, bed bugs and termites.  That being said, centipedes are venomous and can cause minor harm to you or your pets if bitten by one.  

Centipedes are mostly nocturnal and have very well developed eyes and long antennae which allows them to hunt their prey very effectively.  They're especially good at picking up vibrations and even sensitive smells.  

How dangerous are centipedes?

Centipedes are not considered to be very dangerous to people.  However, because they do carry venom you do not want to handle one.  Centipedes are always looking for a meal and because they feed on the insects you don't want in your home they're not a bad creature to have around.  They do not destroy wood, carry diseases, or build nests. 

Why do you have centipedes?

If you're seeing centipedes in your home there are probably 2 very good reasons for their presence - food and warmth.  Centipedes can't survive in cold weather.  And their presence normally indicates you have a problem with another pest because centipedes are always ooking for a meal and frequent areas where the food source is plentiful. 


If you're seeing a lot of centipedes it's time to call the experts at Chesterfield Pest Services.  After a thorough inspection we'll customize a treatment plan which normally is centered around cutting off their food source.  Treatment can also involve chemicals and non chemicals but the focus will be on where they're entering your home and what they're eating.   Other forms of treatment can include reducing clutter, reducing moisture, treating other pests, and sealing cracks, gaps and holes where centipedes can enter. 

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