Mice & rats

The very site of a mouse or rat in your home or business is enough to cause a panic.  Mice and rats are classified as rodents and thus can wreak a lot of havoc wherever they frequent.  They're nocturnal and territorial by nature meaning they do most of their destruction at night.  Only one dominant male will live in an area with several females and young close by.  Mice will burrow and these burrows will have long entrances, filled escape routes, and tunnels.  And they of course will be wherever there is food. 

Mice and rats can be very quiet so actually seeing them do their destruction is often rare.  However, the destruction they leave behind is quite evident and can be very costly.  

The House Mouse

House mice are the most common species of mouse that will invade your home or business.  They vary in color from black, white, grey and brown.  They're very small normally not getting any bigger than 10 centimeters.  Their hair is short and their legs are small.  Don't be fooled though.  They can jump very high.  Often as high as 45 centimeters. 

Damage caused by mice

Mice and rats can do a lot of damage if not dealt with.  One particular problem that's especially troubling is they damage crops by eating them.  If you have any type of garden and have seen mice/rats, you've experienced this first hand.  Mice have strong teeth and can do a lot of structural damage with those teeth.  Mice/rats also live in unsanitary conditions and often carry dangerous bacteria and pathogens because of this.  These bacteria and pathogens can lead to a variety of diseases.  In addition, mice are a food source for various predators including snakes.  However, despite the fear, having a good snake close by is a great way to rid your area of these pests so if you see one it's best to leave them alone.  They're doing work for you. 


Like all of our treatment plans, we customize our approach to deal with your problem.  We use a variety of traps, baits, and dusts to deal with these unwelcome pests.  Our goal is to stop this the first time so that these nasty little visitors will never frequent your home or business again. 

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