Fleas & Ticks

You see them everywhere and then again you may never see them but you know they're there.  Fleas are one of the smallest pests but they should be given a lot of respect given the inconvenience they can cause.  Fleas can enter your home or business a variety of ways but obviously the most common way is through a pet picking them up.  They feed on the blood of your pet and can be very uncomfortable for our furry friends. 

Ticks on the other hand are not frequent visitors but when they do inhabit your place they can become a very troublesome pest.  Ticks are normally brought in by some type of activity where there's a lot of vegetation.  Woods, fields, and gardens are common places where ticks can be found.  Ticks can carry a a variety of diseases and they often aren't noticed on you or your pet until they've completely dug in.   

Why do fleas prey on our pets?

Fleas and ticks prey on our pets for a variety of reasons.  One, they sense their heat and know they're full of blood.  Second, fleas leave their eggs on our pets knowing that when they scratch they'll dislodge them on the furniture, carpet, beds, or other common areas. 

Signs you have a flea infestation

  • They're seen moving around or jumping within your home or business. 
  • Eggs are found in the carpet or other surfaces where they can be seen. 
  • Constant scratching by your pet. 

The best way to rid yourself of fleas and ticks is with the help of a good credible exterminator.   The first order of business is to always treat your pets and get them off them.  Flea/tick medicine are the best ways to deal with the problem and consulting with a local veterinarian is the best way to learn how to keep them off your pets for good.   If you notice this problem call us today and let us devise a customized approach to deal with the problem. 

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