Bees & wasps

Bee Extermination in Central VA

Bees can be a very dangerous pest.  Their stingers are quite painful and for those of you who are allergic it can mean a trip to the hospital.  And their nests/hives are not the easiest thing to get rid of.  So unless you plan on making honey or wearing a bee keeper mask and spraying your yard with smoke, it's best to rid yourself of these dangerous intruders.  Bees are very territorial around their nest.  And if provoked they can send out a swarm in full attack mode.  Bees will sacrifice their lives to protect the queen and their hive. 

Professional bee extermination is needed to rid yourselves of these dangerous insects.  Insecticides purchased from local stores are not a legitimate short or long term solution against bees. 

Central VA Wasp Removal

Wasps are the attack squadrons of the insect world.  They can attack in droves and when they're in aggressive mode they're one of the most dangerous insects around.  Their stinger contains venom and unlike bees, wasps can deliver multiple stings at once.  Their sting is extremely painful and if you have any type of allergy towards these stings you could have a real problem.  Their nests can be found under soffits, and inside of fixtures, play houses and equipment around your home. 

If you notice a number of wasps around your home, chances are you have nest close by.  Don't try to deal with them on your own.  They can cause serious injury. 

If you're experiencing problems with bees or wasps call the professionals at Chesterfield Pest Services and let us come out and take a look.  We'll rid you of these aggressors in no time so you can enjoy your property again. 

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