Cricket Removal & Control in Central VA

Crickets are considered a nuisance pest due mainly to the loud churping noise they make that can make life in your home or business miserable.  And when they make their presence known it's a very difficult task to remove them without the help of a professional.  There are several types of crickets native to VA.  They include:

  • Camel Crickets - Known for their humpback appearance
  • House Crickets - Yellow and brown in color and can be seem primarily around external lighting
  • Field Crickets - Problematic to businesses because they swarm around buildings
  • Mole Crickets - Known for damaging lawns and attracting other problems like raccoons who feed on them

The problems of Crickets

Crickets create problems because they infest properties and lay their eggs.  During the Winter months they invade properties to seek shelter from the cold.  Cricket eggs normally hatch in April and this is when they become active and a problem.  If you're having problems with crickets give the professionals at Chesterfield Pest Services a call.  We know exactly how to treat these annoying insects and can help you sleep at ease again. 

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