The Danger of Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes are one of nature's most annoying pests and have a tendency to wreak havoc in areas we enjoy most.  Places like swimming pools, patios, and campsites are just a few areas where these pests often make their home.  Most of the time mosquitoes are just an annoyance; however, they do carry diseases that can be a potential problem.  Not so much in the USA but it's still not a bad idea to reduce the risk of their intrusion. 

Female mosquitoes can lay up to 300 eggs a day so when you do the math you can see how they can take over an area and ruin your enjoyment.  And without an understanding of their breeding habits and behavior it should be obvious why it's important to call an expert in when they begin to be a problem.   


We use the most up to date and effective methods of dealing with mosquitoes.  Solutions like fogging, sprays, and the elimination of breeding grounds are the most effective ways of getting rid of them.  In addition any type of pesticide or control we utilize will always be pet and children friendly.  Our detailed approach entails:

  1. We conduct an assessment to determine the nature and extent of your infestation. 
  2. We'll find the breeding areas and nests on your property. 
  3. Explain the different options needed to rid you of the mosquitoes. 

Helpful tips to keep mosquitoes away:

  • Get rid of any stagnant water - Things like kid pools, toys left on the lawn, and improperly drained yards attract mosquitoes
  • Have natural repellants in your yard - Some plants produce natural chemicals that can ward off insects
  • Keep applying repellant
  • Cover your feet
  • Wear lighter colors - mosquitoes are attracted to darker colors
  • Eat indoors when possible
  • Put a tent over your patio
  • Hire a professional

If you're having trouble with mosquitoes, don't hesitate to call the professionals at Chesterfield Pest Services.  We get results so you can enjoy the outdoors the way you should. 

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